Campaign/Program Tools

With the My Enablement platform, you will be able to provide a competitive, branded and themed program experience for your participating teams. Our team can manage the complete campaign lifecycle (plan, build & execute), or your team can manage the campaign and subscribe to our Partner Program Gamification Tools.


Your Campaign Lifecycle

Initially, your team will be establishing the foundation of your campaign; Recruiting team participation, preparing documents, establishing incentives (prizes), and more.

Once you reach Program Execution, our Program Tools will already be in place to provide team registration, deal tracking, milestone engagement, cadence reminders, gamification and reporting for your campaign to be a success.

Overview (PDF)

Marketing Manager Tools

As the Program Manager, you will have a number of tasks to carry out throughout the campaign. Our Partner Program Tools includes tools that will help keep your campaign on schedule.


Built-in Task Cadence Tools
Keeping Your Campaign On Track...

  • Cadence Task Setup Wizard
  • Automatic Task Email Reminders
  • Individual Task Assigment & Tracking
  • Easy Task Management
Overview (PDF)

Platform Automation

The My Enablement platform provides a number of automated processes that will save your program managers time and resources.

Automated Processes
Built-in Campaign Tools...

  • Automatic Friendly Milestone Reminders
  • Weekly Team Summary Emails
  • Built-in Team Announcements
  • Built-in Campaign Broadcast Tools

Team Tools & Gamification

Participating teams will have easy-to-access tools that will keep them engaged and motivated during your campaign.


Engaging Program Tools
Keeping it Fun & Exciting...

  • Dynamic Team Leaderboard & Curriculum Tracking
  • Easy Deal Upload/Registration
  • Clear Milestone Objectives
  • Automatic Milestone Reminders
Overview (PDF)

Reporting, Exports & Integration

The My Enablement platform numerous ways to view, monitor and download your campaign data.

Monitoring & Reporting
Your Campaign Data...

  • Executive Program Summary Dashboards
  • Deal Data Export Tools
  • Multi-Campaign Comparison Reports
  • API & SSO Integration Options